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Come Take a trip down memory lane with our Class at Murphy High School 50th reunion

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1964 vs. 2014
(a span of only 50 YEARS)

In April 2001 Murphy celebrated its 75th anniversary. Murphy High School boasts a proud tradition of excellence. Fourteen buildings accommodate 2,400 students and 180 faculty and staff members. n

For those who may have missed it on our Face Book page, we wanted to thank everyone who attended the reunion and to those who also made a donation!  Per our Treasurer, Linda Ray Littlepage, the Murphy Class of 1964 was able to donate $1,964 to the Restoration Projects at Murphy thanks to everyone's generosity!

We hope everyone will continue to stay in touch with friends and classmates, 'cause we're already starting to plan for our next reunion. It's been suggested that we not wait so long as we have in the past, since (although we may wish) none of us are "regressing" in age or health, so we're thinking of having a "BIG 70th CELEBRATION" in 2016, something on the very casual side--perhaps a Noon reunion--BBQ/Seafood or (?), a tour of Murphy to see the restorations made in the next two years, and whatever else may be suggested by everyone. Don't be shy--let us hear from you. And, if you'd like to participate in the planning, come on!

Your "Reunion Planning Committee"
Charlotte (presently a "69'er"!)

P.S.-(maybe (?) we'll become the "BIG 70 Planners"


Slideshow Of Past Reunions

WOW!! What a fantastic 50th Reunion!!!!!

Seeing and talking with classmates at Wintzell’s Friday night (many for the first time in 50 years) was the greatest!  Lots of hugs, handshakes and laughter!  Lots of talking--before you could finish saying hello to one person, someone else was saying hello to you!  Amazing how easy it was to still recognize each other!   Our class really took to heart about staying in good health!  It was a blast, and the seafood buffet was absolutely outstanding!

Saturday’s tour of our alma mater, Murphy High School, made us feel 50 years younger--like we were teens, and attending school once again!  Don’t even begin to think those Murphy minds will ever forget one detail!  There were so many memories being recalled as we walked about the campus and through the hallways that you could hardly get a word in!  Cameras were taking photos left and right of familiar places—most popular were standing in front of our old locker number, and in front of the door to our home  rooms, being sure the section number over the door was included in that picture, and of course, our Murphy mascot, the Panther statue in the horseshoe. 

Seeing the damage from the Christmas Day 2013 tornado was so sad but, then seeing the beautiful renovations accomplished so far made you proud that there are a whole lot of people who still care.   Our Class Reunion donation to the Renovation Fund will help continue the renewal of Murphy, which is anticipated to take about two more years.  Did you know that if Murphy had not received the designation of an historic landmark  in 1982 from the Dept. of the Interior, it would have been torn down due to the amount and severity of damage from the tornado, and a new school would have been built to replace our grand alma mater! 

Saturday night’s gathering in the Moonlight Ballroom of the Battle House could only be called fantastic!! All the ladies looked spectacular in their finest, and the gents were all handsomely dressed!   The decorations in the ballroom were beautiful— the flowers gorgeous!  The best colors ever--Blue and Gold--were so tastefully placed and gave the ballroom that “Murphy Ambience”—what a great feeling! 

We had a super DJ who played all our favorite songs, and even came down on the dance floor to teach us how to do the “Mississippi Stomp”!  Fun, Fun!  Believe me, we have classmates that are great dancers!   In fact, they were so good all night that you would have thought you were watching “Dancing With The Stars”!

Throughout the night, photos of all previous 1964 class reunions were continuously shown on the Ballroom’s big  20’ x  20’ screen!   It was the highlight of the reunion—everyone had the best time guessing (sometimes shouting!) who was on the screen at the moment, and which reunion it was! 

Memories of past events held at the Battle House during school days may have been the beginning topic of discussion, but then as the crowd grew to over 200, including many who could not attend until Saturday night, the fun and laughter then went in every direction possible!  All night long, everyone had a smile on their face and wished it would never end.  Oh, and the food was delicious and so plentiful!

Don’t miss the 50th reunion photos taken by our classmates and everyone’s comments! Go to our Facebook page, “Murphy High School Class of 1964, Mobile, Alabama”, by clicking “Tell Us Your Thoughts” to see it all!    

If you have reunion photos and need assistance to get them on this website and/or on Facebook, contact Judy Winfield, our website designer at, or classmate David Shirley at Click here for a sampling of the wonderful reunion photos we have as of this time.

Another reunion is already in the works, so please help us stay in touch with you.  Today, the medium is electronic because using the postal service has become too expensive for us, so may we please have your e-mail address?  Again, go the top left of this website page, click on the tab, “Classmate Contact” and enter your contact information.   Even though there are some questions on the form that aren’t relevant at the moment, just skip them. We’re going to leave the form “as is” so we can use it for the NEXT REUNION!

All of us on the 50th Class Reunion Committee had a wonderful time planning this reunion, and we  thank YOU for all your suggestions and hard work that helped make this a GRAND 50th CLASS REUNION!   


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